Dandelion Root Digestive Blend

Dandelion root has been used for centuries to aid in digestion, liver and gallbladder function, regulation of appetite and all round potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. No wonder it is still used widely today.

I find this beautiful plant to be helpful for those with sluggish digestion and symptoms such as bloating, distention of the abdomen, stomach and intestinal discomfort. Dandelion has bitter properties and this can actually send a signals to the body to release digestive secretions to help you digest, breakdown and absorb nutrients! This is the most important factor to consider when we have digestive concerns. We might be consuming good food but are we actually absorbing?? Chances are you might not be getting enough nutrition as you think when we have an inflamed gastro-intestinal tract. But fear not, there are many natural and easy ways to aid in digestion and consuming dandelion root tea can be one of them. I will show you how…..


Step 1. Forage for wild dandelion or if you’re not that adventurous try the local farmers markets.

Step 2. Wash the plant, scrub the roots free of dirt and separate the roots from the leaves. Pat the roots dry and slice into small rough squares.

Step 3. Turn the oven to around 200 degrees. Place the cut roots onto a baking tray covered in baking paper and spread evenly. Place in the oven.

Step 4. Roast with the door slightly open to remove any excess moister for around 2 hours and mix every 30 minutes. Depending on your oven I would stay close to monitor the heat-you don’t want to burn it after all of this!

Step 5. When the roots are looking roasted, remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Step 6. To consume just pop 1-2 tsp per person in a tea pot or tea strainer and add some hot water or a touch of milk and honey if desired. You can add other digestive herbs as well. See below for a beautiful digestive blend recipe to try. Have a cup before meals to stimulate digestion and reduce bloating and discomfort.

Please keep in mind this is a digestive aid. It can not cure, although can help, any chronic gastro-intestinal conditions. Please consider seeing a practitioner for further support.


Dandelion Root Digestive Blend

5 tsp roasted dandelion root
4 tsp chicory root
2 tsp Licorice root
1 tsp dried ginger root
2 cinnamon quills crushed

Mix together in a glass jar and store in a cool dry place or the fridge to keep fresh. Consume a cup before meals.

Option: Brew on some almond or coconut milk and a touch of honey or sweetener of choice for a warming spice blend.