Consultations are available over Skype.

Services include:

  • Gut healing programs & digestive support

  • A range of gentle to intense individualised detox programs and diet planning

  • Support for the nervous system, chronic stress and fatigue

  • Short and long term immune system care

  • Extensive range of pathology tests (Australian residents only).



Initial consultation

 Skype consultation

  • 1 Hour: $95.00

This initial consultation is all about gathering the tiny pieces of your health history (past and present) and putting it together to build a picture of what may be taking place inside your body.

It is here we will focus on your main presenting symptoms and look at your current dietary and lifestyle habits. Pathology testing may also be implemented to get a accurate knowledge of your individual health status. This also provides a more effective and quicker change in your health as it allows me to prescribe specific nutrients and foods by ruling out the guess work.



Skype consultation

  • 45 Minutes: $65.00

Follow up appointments, usually booked 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation, and every 2-4 weeks until your health goals are met.

It is here we assess and re-assess the treatment plan, prescribed supplements, dietary changes and are used to move on to the next stage in your health journey. 



Diet and/or supplement Review 

Skype consultation

  • 30 Minutes: $50.00

Review consultations are great for assessing previously prescribed supplement plans, adjusting treatment protocols and implementing new dietary changes.*

This review consultation is also available as a diet and/or supplement only assessment. For a more in depth assessment, it is advised to book in for a 45 minute session.  

* If your last appointment was more than 3 months prior, you will be booked in for a 45 minute session.